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My raw and wild new path

I thought of myself as a runner for years. I ran track in high school, ran around campus in college, ran after college… because in my mind, that’s what athletic people did.

But when a knee injury put an end to that  — and, by extension, my self-definition as an athlete — I was forced to confront a few hard truths that I’d been ignoring, more or less, the whole time. For instance: I’m not naturally good at running.

As it happens, though, I’m fairly good at a decidedly different athletic endeavor. And as I started to find a new home for these eager hamstrings, also started to understand something far more important about who I am and what I aspire to do.

That’s what this essay is about.

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PS – Some director’s cut background here: This essay took months of drafting and rewriting, which is to say a lot of brow-furrowing conversations with friends and family. My thanks goes to them, to Sean of the Beard, and to my newfound community at MoC Barbell Club in Brooklyn.

PPS – I finally did it: I made an Instagram to keep track of my powerlifting progress.

Fast Tracking

Notre Dame Magazine | Autumn 2012

With a semester left at Notre Dame, Kelsey Falter dropped out, moved to New York, and started her own company.Two years later, Falter is remaking the social media landscape.

But when we first spoke, her fledgeling startup was just getting off the ground. This is how she did it.

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More than a Game

Notre Dame Magazine | Summer 2012

In 1946, a group of American soldiers returned from the world’s most hellish battlefields to the picturesque campus of the University of Notre Dame.

There, under the steely gaze of former Navy lieutenant Frank Leahy, they found themselves in a war of a different kind.

This is their story.

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I took a flying leap

Notre Dame Magazine | Autumn 2013

I jumped out of a plane. Then I wrote about it. The beginning:

Way up there, in the first weightless moments of free fall at 10,500 feet, the cold atmosphere is silent.

There are only wisps of sound: of thudding heartbeat, of nylon jumpsuit against parachute container, of clinking metal fasteners, of the plane’s droning engine fading into nothingness above. An island of whispers through a vast stillness.

Gravity vanishes. It is still there, of course, tugging downward, but its apparent absence is palpable in sudden weightlessness. Stomach flutters upward. Nerves spark with energy. Brain struggles — and fails — to comprehend it. To process it. Total free fall.

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Un-suck the Band

Notre Dame Magazine | Spring 2012

When I was in high school, I played keyboards in a rock band. After a few years of playing, we were good enough play at the Stone Pony, a dive famous (at least in New Jersey) as the bar where Bruce Springsteen got his start.

We clearly had no idea what the hell we were doing.

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Illustration by Daniel Fishel for Notre Dame Magazine