Holly Holm defeats Ronda Rousey to win UFC 193.

The Kick Felt ‘Round the World: Holm Defeats Rousey in UFC 193

One of my main roles at Men’s Fitness is quickly reporting, writing, and promoting news stories that affect and interest our readership. Granted, not much qualifies as hard news that we’d cover in depth. We’re not a sports brand, and we don’t really touch science or politics. Our cover stars tend to be actors in big-budget films, meaning that we do entertainment stories more often than not. Even the Olympics Games are mostly outside our typical coverage.

But there’s one big exception, and her name is Ronda Rousey. By virtue of her fighting ability, well-earned braggadocio, and media-ready persona, she seems to be a lightning rod for discussion among our audience. Everyone’s got an opinion about Ronda. Especially dudes.

So on the morning of Sunday, November 15, as the East Coast was waking up to the results of her bout against Holly Holm in UFC 193, I was the guy at the computer, reporting and writing, trying to answer a question that Men’s Fitness basically had no choice but to cover:

Ronda lost? What the hell happened?

What happened was the kick felt ’round the world.