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The Birthplace of Punk

Sometime in 1974, a bunch of long-haired, leather-jacketed punks walked into an upstart club in New York’s Bowery looking to play some music. The club at 315 Bowery was supposed to be country, blues, and bluegrass joint. Nobody had heard of the leather-jacketed punks.

But when the Ramones shouted that first “1-2-3-4!” at CBGB on August 16, 1974, it signaled the beginning of a new era—sweaty, cigarette-smoke-filled, and impossibly loud—that changed history of punk rock forever.

Watch: CBGB: The Birthplace of Punk

The Man Who Burned Down London

Firebrand. Songwriter. Punk.

Joe Strummer, the lead singer of the Clash, was as wild as he was talented. With his battered, sticker-plastered Telecaster and his jittery “electric leg,” Strummer dragged Britain into the punk era kicking and screaming—and that’s exactly how he’d wanted it. August 21, 1952, we take a look back at Strummer’s life in music.

Watch: Joe Strummer: The Man Who Burned Down London